Designed by Heart… Built with Love! The “ONAR” Philosophy

The basic meaning of creation derives by the person itself and its own lifestyle. Human and its structure, are controlled through documentation, which informs the brain and sets it in a pleasant mood.


Onar was created under this logic and for that purpose. The human itself. Within these premises, documentation, will only send to the brain, positive messages, unique moments and beautiful memories. In this sea-side complex, consisted of three suites and a private villa, the building and the decoration constitute a uniform set.


The daily trip a person takes inside and outside of the suites’ premises is accomplished by relaxation, within the very own architectural space of each suite as well as on the unique terraces of the independent suites… gazing over the open sea.

The different elements of the construction, the screed, the stone, the cracked white color, the reflection of all these on the aquatic surface, the eastern sun, at the dawn, the starry night, the wild Cycladic landscape and the immediacy to the open sea, all the above create a complex of unique architecture.


It is a unique combination of architectural elements, plants, colors and aquatic surfaces, under the unique sky and the warmth of the Cycladic sun.


Petros G. Sideris